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Not too long ago I had a request for help from somebody who had an Excel workbook containing one sheet that she wanted to copy and paste to multiple workbooks.  I was asked if there was a better way than just copying and pasting between the files as it was getting very confusing and taking quite some time to do it.

My answer?  Of course there’s a better way, and it can now be found in the ‘Downloads’ section, or by clicking this link.

The download is an Excel add-in.  It’s still in a bit of a Beta state at the moment and there’s quite a lot of stuff I want to tidy up and add to it before I’m completely happy, but I thought I’d post it as is.  Please do download and test it, although I can’t be held responsible for anything which might go wrong or any harm which might happen to your work as a result of using it.  I certainly don’t think it’s dangerous to use, but I guess I need to cover myself just in case anything untoward does happen.

Anyway, it’s a relatively simple tool.  Install in the same way as you would any Excel add-in and a new menu item will appear to the right of the ‘Help’ menu item.  Click it and the tool will load, as seen below:-

Clicking the browse boxes (…) by for each section will allow you to choose the source file (ie the one from which you want to copy sheets) and then select a folder which contains worksheets you want to copy to.

Click the checkboxes to select source worksheets and the files you want to copy them into, and then click the ‘Copy Worksheets’ button.  The add-in will do its stuff in the background and let you know when its done.

Oh.  If any of the files you want to copy to are highlighted bold and red this means they are read-only and somebody else has the files open on their computer.  Don’t select these or the add-in will crash out.  I’m looking to fix this soon.

So, please go give this a go and let me know if you find any other errors.  I would suggest you make backups of your files before testing, even though I can’t see any reason why using the add-in will cause problems.  I’ll be continuing development of this and will post future enhancements and bugfixes, including any you might find.  I hope you find it useful.



  • Added confirmation that the process is complete – prior to this there was no indication that the tool had done its job.


  • Copy process is now visible as a percentage in the menu bar so progress can be seen visually as the tool works.
  • Sped the copy process up a little by removing some duplication in code.
  • Added an option menu and ability to backup files prior to running the tool.

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