A to Z of Excel Functions: CHAR

The CHAR function returns a character (that is, a letter, number, figure or symbol) based on the ASCII value used as its criteria.

To explain further, for the uninitiated – each character that you type into anything on a computer has a corresponding ‘ASCII’ value allocated to it.  For example, the ASCII value for a capital ‘A’ is 65, capital ‘B’ is 66, and a lowercase ‘a’ is 97.  Follow this link for the full ASCII table, if you’re interested in finding out more.

Anyway, back to business.  The CHAR function takes the ASCII number and converts it to its corresponding text character.  It looks like this:-

=CHAR(ASCII reference number)

Where ‘ASCII’ reference number is the ASCII value you want to convert to a character.  Here’s an example of it in use:-


It’s really that simple!

Note:  The CHAR function carries out the opposite of the CODE function.


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