A to Z of Excel Functions: Week one quiz

Ok, so it’s been one week into my new series on the A to Z of Excel functions.  Let’s see what you’ve learned (if you’ve been following so far, that is).

1.   Which function can make a good replacement for nested IF functions?

2.   Which function would you use to round 18 to the nearest multiple of 25, and how would you go about doing it?

3.   What would the result of the following function be:

=AND(5>7, 7>8, 8<9)

4.   What ASCII character is represented by the number 75, and how would you show this on a worksheet using an Excel function?

5.   If cell A5=10, A6=12 and A7=14, how would you use Excel to find the average?

Answers in the comments, please.  I’ll post the solutions on Wednesday.

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