2toria favourites – w/c 06/05/2013

Apologies, I missed last weeks, but I’m back on track and on time (for a change).  Here are a few things that I’ve favourited, read and liked over the past week:-

Lea Verou’s Bsc thesis explains (throughly) the inner workings of Dabblet.  Very interesting read.

Social Roulette has a 1 in 6 chance of deleting your Facebook account.  Do you feel lucky?

Christian Heilmann urges you to play with things. 

Had a bad day?  It’s just a day, in the grand scheme of things, and as it happens, that’s not much at all

Firebug lite is no longer being worked on or supported.  Want to contribute to its future?

Of no point whatsoever, but I love it

CSS Zen Garden is coming back for its tenth anniversary

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