Time to write

I’ve been checking out some of the advice on movethewebforward.org today, most notably this bit which comes under the section entitled ‘Write’:-


This part in particular has made me think a little about the way I have been running 2toria over the past couple of years.  I’ve been looking at finding useful tutorials, or things that are new (to me anyway) without concentrating on the stuff I consider to be ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’, even when I was posting about Excel.  I’ve also avoided posting about things that I might not fully understand.

The main reason I originally set up 2toria was to share knowledge that I’d picked up with you guys, as well as to help my own learning along the way.  I’m constantly learning new things and I don’t ever want to stop, but for some reason I still find myself scratching around for content to post on at times.  I usually think of things, but sometimes they seem too simple or too complicated and I put them off.  I also sometimes know a little bit about something, but don’t want to post about it in case I get something wrong and face criticism for providing misleading or incorrect information.  Sometimes I find myself with an opinion or idea about something but again don’t post just in case I’ve got the wrong end of the stick or I’m just plain wrong about it.

Starting today, that’s going to change.  I want to concentrate on more regular posts, tutorials and discussions on the site, because I feel that by doing it, it might add something that’s of use to somebody, maybe even you.  The very concept that something I write might be of use at some point is a very rewarding one.

Looking at the past year’s most popular posts, they are all posts I’ve done at some point where I’ve shared something I know or have recently learned with the world.  Here are the top five for the year:-

Flot tutorial: creating and simple bar chart

Excel tip:   Display the name of the last user to save a file

Excel quick tip: Return the cell address of the maximum value in a column

Editing Excel charts in Illustrator/Inkscape

SQL Server:  Show the date a table was last modified

These have all been useful to somebody (hopefully) at some point, and they were all knowledge that I shared with others that I’d probably picked up on more or less the same day.  It feels great that people come across this content, even though somebody has probably written similar in the past.

So, to summarise, I intend to start writing much more from now.  I’m not the most knowledgeable person in the world in the subjects I find interesting, but I have stuff to say.  I might not get everything right, but it’s better than sitting here with my mouth/laptop shut.

It’s time to get back on track and just write.

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