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2toria favourites – w/c 27/04/13

Here are a few things that have been keeping us happy, contended and amused over the past week at 2toria towers:-

Lots of cool HTML5 stuff at CreativeJS

Paul Miller took a year off from the internet – how did it go?  Really interesting and well written article.

‘Screengrab’ – a clever, clever bit of film…just try to figure out how it was done

Lots of praise amongst web devs and designers about this beautiful piece of design for Manchester City Council

A clever way of dealing with software piracy in a game development simulator.

The Trouble with Codeschool – forget language specifics, this article contains a list of things you really should know if you’re a developer.  I need to do some learning…



2toria favourites – w/c 22/04/13

Another slightly late one, but here are some things that have kept us interested, intrigued and entertained over the past week or so:-

This is cool

Click some dots and this app will calculate your age (didn’t work for me, but worth a try).

Play a responsive accordion with your browser (resize the window).

Like Calvin and Hobbes?  Want to read all of the comics for free (and legally)?  There’s an app for that.

A huge (and extremely interesting) article on the Stephen Wolfram blog about Facebook statistics and data.  Well worth a read if you’ve time.

Also, try out the Wolfram|Alpha personal analytics for Facebook to get some really interesting insights into your Facebook world.

Oh, and my sister in law has started a new blog about being a mum, saving money and other important stuff.

Hopefully will be back on track next week..


New theme!

And that’s it done!  I have planned to re-theme 2toria for some time and procrastinated on it for long enough.  Whilst I haven’t coded the theme completely from scratch, I have customised an existing one (codium) quite a lot to get things looking the way I want.  There’s still some tweaking that probably needs to be done, but in all I’m quite happy with the look so far.    The old theme was fine to start with but I’d been hankering for something plainer, cleaner, and whiter.

The theme is also responsive, which means it looks great on tablets and (hopefully) mobile.  The only problem I’ve come up against so far is that the main header logo is cropped slightly on mobile.  This will be fixed soon, hopefully..

Anyway, I’m hoping any regular visitors prefer the new cleaner look.  Now to get more content written and posted *scribbles furiously.


Excuse me whilst I…

…update the blog theme.  I’m currently rolling my own, but in the meantime I’m giving it a bit of a facelift with an established theme.  Whilst I’m doing this, things might occasionally go a bit wonky…