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Here you can find links to downloadable content I’ve created for the site.

Downloadable content Excel Projects

Developers Diary: An Excel Timesheet – The Basics

Ok, so I’ve started.  The file is attached here.

There’s quite a lot to talk about but I’m feeling a bit poorly today and not looking at going too much into depth.  Have a look around the file and I’ll post again about what I’ve done so far.  If there’s anything you’d like to suggest or anything that doesn’t look quite right do let me know.

Interesting things to look out for:-

  • Added right-click code on the timesheet page to block highlight days as annual leave or sickness.
  • Some pretty cool stuff going on with conditional formatting using named ranges on the timesheet page.
  • Started work on a setup page which will define how the sheet is used.

More to come soon when I feel better… :-(

Downloadable content Excel Functions and Formulas

Answer to yesterday’s CONCATENATE project

Yesterday, in the tutorial about CONCATENATE I asked if you could put together a formula which might use both CONCATENATE and CHOOSE to output different text based on user input.  Here’s a way that this could work – I’ve uploaded an Excel file and it can be downloaded from here.

You can click on the image for a larger version so that you can see how it all fits together.

So, what have I done here?  I’ve set up a table in the range A1:D6 which contains various text items.  In cells E3, E4, and E6 you can type numbers 1 to 4 to change the output of the CONCATENATE function based on which item is chosen from the three CHOOSE functions in the formula.  I know the resulting formula is pretty chunky, but does it make sense?  Download it and have a try and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s not the best example out there, but it shows a way that two or more functions can be combined to make a spreadsheet more powerful.  You could use any other functions to do similar things.  You might, for example want the output to be defined by the result of a lookup function, or the result of a mathematical equation.  As I work through the A to Z I’ll start posting more examples of how they can be used together to give a greater edge to your work.

Download the file and have a play with it to see what you can do.  If you come up with anything really interesting, do let me know.

Downloadable content Excel Games

New downloadable content available – Solitaire For Excel

I’ve just uploaded some new content to the ‘downloads’ section of the site.  It’s a fairly basic version of the board game, Solitaire.  It seems to work ok, but I’ve not yet ironed out all of the bugs so it might occasionally not act the way you’d expect.  I’ll update the file as I fix/enhance it.  Enjoy!  If you’ve any comments about the file please feel free to post them.

File can be downloaded directly here.

Update 1/9/10 – There was a little glitch where when (if) you won, the game didn’t recognise it.  This has been fixed and updated.

Downloadable content Excel

UDFs Add-in updated with new function

I’ve added a new UDF to the file I created earlier in the week.  Check out the downloads page for further details.