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This amused me today, thanks to a link on Facebook.

2toria Infographics

2toria comments ‘spamalysed’ in Wordle

I’ve not much time to do any in-depth stuff on 2toria at the minute, but had a few minutes ‘playtime’ today feeding my comment spam text for the past three months into Wordle to see what would happen.  Here’s the result:-

I know Wordle isn’t the best tool to use for any kind of analysis/visualisation, and I generally wouldn’t recommend its use (in fact I’d probably have a good old rant about it), but in this case I just wanted to play around and get quick results.  In the future I’ll post something a bit more substantial – I think there’s some interesting stuff I could get out of the data.

As a quickie effort however, the result does give a decent general picture of the overall comment spam content – that is, that online pharmaceuticals are very much still in vogue.

More interesting stuff to come soon, I promise.

Infographics What???


There’s something about cloud-related infographics recently.  Check this out as another example.

I mean, oh dear.  These aren’t just pies…  These are 3d pies which don’t only try to encode data in slices, but in their relative height..

Think that’s bad?  Try this:-

3d bars? Zoomed in data in the form of a 3d pie in just one colour?  Awesome!!

Awesome is the word this website uses to describe its own infographic, in case you needed any additional comedy value.

And, graphics aside, I have to say I find the over-

use of hyphen-

ating, quite frustr-

ating to read…

Charts Infographics

An infographic I like, well, sort of..

I struggle with some infographics in terms of form over function.  It’s sometimes a matter of the heart (or should that be the eye) ruling the head in terms of the story that’s being told.  Fair enough, some infographics can look pretty, but if I have to spend too much time working out what I’m being told I tend to get grumpy and ranty.

This offering from about working from home I actually like, mainly.  I like this, for example:-

Nice clear bars, no need for axes as the percentages have been very clearly labelled and the two separate sets of graphics seem to use the same scale.  Nice, simple.

I also like this.  It would have been so easy to fall back on using some kind of pie chart:-

It’s easy to compare the bar sizes, although I feel this might be just because there are only three sets of survey data and they are split into four – it wouldn’t work too well if there were more data to compare.  Still, it is so much better than three separate pie charts.  That’s a given.

So far so good.  The only things I would question are the donut-style charts used here:-

I just don’t know if they fit in with the style of the top half of the graphic.  I also don’t completely understand the need to show the “30%” and have a ‘people in pyjamas chart’ by the side of it.  I guess it’s there to help get the message across in some way, but I feel like it’s over-clarification.

Having ranted slightly however, the message and the data presented are simple enough to interpret.  It’s reasonably entertaining and doesn’t go too far over the top.  I think the data itself could be condensed and could take up much less space, but would it catch the eye as well as it does in this form?

Any thoughts?