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Great Google April Fool

It’s the first of April, and that can only mean one thing – Google have a new product to announce!!!


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You should also check this out too!

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Cool data visualisation

Wordle lets you type in either free text or the address of a website that has an RSS feed and returns a Tag-Cloud style graphic based on the number of times particular words appear in that text.  The image below is from 2toria for the past few days:-

I find it quite interesting the way this works and love the visualisation of the data found.  Think I might mess with this to see what the results are and how they change on a weekly basis.  There’s a lot of options on the site, including font, colour and layout of the words.  This kind of visualisation of data, I think, tells quite a tale about the information fed into it.  I’m wondering how useful something like this might be in Excel, or if it could be easily implemented and put to good use?

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More Google balls speculation

It would seem that, tomorrow there’s a potential for some exciting news from Google.  Some interesting ideas here.

On the other hand they could just be showing off?  It’s really starting to intrigue me now.