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Clever Google Chrome

Just tried to get onto Facebook to play MindGames and got this:-

Personally I think this is brilliant and at least lets you know that it’s not just your pc/laptop that’s at fault – they’re actually telling you that other people are experiencing the same issues.  Not sure I’m too happy about my browsing data being used by Google, however, which is how I’m assuming they know that there is a problem.

Bloody clever stuff though.

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Adobe – “Open: Good for developers, good for consumers”

And the fight continues..  In the June edition of Adobe’s Edge newsletter, Dave McAllister discusses freedom of choice, open-ness and future developments in its software suite, mainly focusing on Flash.

As history has shown, efforts to control user choice rarely succeed in the long run. That’s why we feel it’s best to embrace openness now and leave it to end users—not Adobe or any one company—to decide how they should consume content.

(Thanks Mike)

iPhone Mobile Technology

Apple iPhone 4 antenna problem – fixed!

A lot of people have today reported issues with the new iPhone 4 and its faulty antenna.  BUT, there is a fix, according to this post on Technorati:-

Apple’s apparent solution to this problem – without ever having admitted the problem exists – is the inclusion of “bumper guards” to prevent the incompatible element (your human hand) from physically touching the antenna. Whether this works sufficiently remains to be confirmed. Also, holding the phone with only the fingers, not the palm, is known to greatly reduce the problem.

Acceptable?  I doubt most will think so…


Skyfire browser for iPad/iPhone might be able to play Flash content

Looks like mobile phone browser developers Skyfire might be designing an iPhone/iPad compatible browser which will actually play Flash movies on the devices! Looks interesting, but will Steve Jobs go with it and approve the software to run on his products?  I guess we can only wait and see.