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Aligning your Sky dish – a dummies guide…

  1. Go upstairs
  2. Open the window
  3. Reach out of window
  4. Grab the dish
  5. Give it a wiggle

Worked for me!

Downloadable content Excel Tutorials

Downloads: Interactive Excel Tutorial – VLOOKUP

I’ve just created the first piece of downloadable content for the site, an interactive Microsoft Excel tutorial on the VLOOKUP function.  You can get to it here.

This is the first of (hopefully) many bits of downloadable stuff from, most of which I plan to offer free of charge.  The tutorial walks you through building the function and how it works and has some interactive sections which you can try within Excel itself.  This is, at the moment a very stripped down version – I do intend to beef it up so it contains more detail about the function, but its good as a start.

If you do try it, I’d appreciate any comments you might have or suggestions on other interactive Excel tutorials you might want to see.