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Not in anyway related to Excel or data…

..but amusing nontheless.  Check out this link, and read the reviews.


HUGE Take That ticket bidding war on eBay right now

I seriously can’t imagine ANYBODY is going to pay this amount, but if you check right now this is what you’ll see on eBay uk:-

Surely this can’t be serious??  It’s going to be interesting watching this one…

Update: If you do a search one auction has finished at a value of around £10k.  This has got to be a joke, surely.  Also, as of this time (10:14pm) the number of results found for Take That tickets on eBay UK has increased to 7,403.  Oh, and at 10:18 the number is 7,437.  Crazy!

Update (again – this time at 10:19pm): The number of results is now 7,465.   The top priced auction is still at £1 short of a million.

Update (10:27 pm): The 2nd item in the picture above has now mysteriously disappeared..

Update (10:32):-


Update (11:32 pm): Methinks a bit of fraud might be going on…  A shame really for those who really want to sell tickets.

Internet Web Links What???

Got OCD? This is the site for you.

Things Organised Neatly is a website of pictures of…well…things organised neatly.  What did we do with our time before the internet?

Web Links What???

Possibly the worst waxwork models ever

Even I think I could do better than these – check it out.