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How to remove the ‘Uncategorized’ category in WordPress

I’ve spent the past couple of days pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get rid of the ‘Uncategorized’ category in WordPress.  The theme I’m currently using shows all the categories across the top banner, as you can see, but for some reason it showed Uncategorized, even though it wasn’t being used.  This wasn’t a huge problem, but if anybody clicked on it the page they got told them there were no posts under that heading.

Not particularly efficient, I thought.

When I used the WP dashboard to edit my categories I couldn’t actually delete the category as the option wasn’t there.. All the others were, but not the one I wanted to trash, dammit!!

Browsing through the options I ended up in ‘Settings>Writing’ where I found that you can set a default category for all new posts.  Guess what?  ‘Uncategorised’ was down as my default.  A quick change from ‘Uncategorised’ to ‘Random’ meant that, when I went back to manage my categories, it was unlocked and delete-able!  Now things work properly again!

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