Microsoft Excel

Here you will find Excel downloads I’ve created, sample files for use in my articles and a selection of interactive Excel tutorials I have been creating.

Vlookup Interactive Tutorial

A fairly straightforward tutorial on how to use VLOOKUPs in MS Excel.  Interactive, so you can learn whilst using the tool.

Worksheet Copy Tool

An Excel add-in which copies worksheets from a source file and pastes them into selected workbooks.  Brief instructions on how to use this can be found here.  Release notes and full documentation to follow. (Latest update 15/6/10)

Please note this is in Beta at the moment – I cannot guarantee that it will work properly on all systems or if it will/wont cause problems, so download and install at your own risk.  Tested on Excel 2000-2003 on Windows XP and Vista.

User Defined Functions

Four user-defined functions (UDFS) for use in Excel:-

FindLast(find_text, within_text)
This UDF works in a similar way to the FIND function already built in to Excel, except it pulls out the last occurence of one string within another, rather than the first.

FindNth(find_text, within_text, occurence_number)
Similar to the above, this pulls out the location of the nth time a string appears within another.

SearchCells(search_range, search_text)
SearchCells returns the absolute cell reference of a cell which contains the exact text string specified in the search_text argument.

RowsContainingData takes a range as its criteria and returns a list of the rows which fall within that range that contain data (in this format e.g “(1,3,4,5,7)” – where the numbers in the brackets are equal to the row numbers containing data).

Solitaire (Board game)

An Excel version of the classic single player board game, solitaire.  It’s a big buggy at the moment, but works pretty well.