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Access Visual Basic For Applications (VBA)


I’ve been programming with Access for a good ten years or so now and I’ve always used DAO when manipulating tables through VBA.  I seem to recall a while ago (and this could well be years) somebody talking about how ADO was the way to go and that DAO would soon become extinct and, at the time I thought I should learn it.  I never did.

Anyway, for some reason today the thought popped up in my mind as I was working on a project – should I replace my DAO code with ADO and start using it from now on?  I thought I’d ask Mr Internet what he thought.

Turns out that the majority of Access experts out there still recommend using DAO if you’re only working with mdb files, as DAO was designed for Jet databases.  As the bulk of my work is still with mdb’s that gives me no big reason to change over, unless I start querying SQL server or other ODBC-compliant databases, which I doubt I’ll be doing any time soon.

Thank you Mr Internet!!  I might still learn ADO at some point, but for the work I currently do, DAO it is…