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Apple joins the social networking scene

So, after some speculation about yesterdays Apple press conference the news is out – Apple have upgraded their software versions, created a new iPod Touch and, in a move to edge into the realm of social networking, they have released ‘Ping’, a new tool built into iTunes.  Not a bad idea at all, really, and if you think about it, it’s a simple and commonsense addition to their media player which adds some value in terms of following favourite artists and finding out what the rest of the world is listening to.  It’s quite a similar idea to Last.fm, but as it is already built in to iTunes it will no doubt pose a threat.

I do think this is a good idea but I wonder if, asFacebook can integrate with Twitter and vice versa, whether or not Steve Jobs will allow its application to talk to other existing social network sites or whether it will remain an ‘Apple only’ product.

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More big announcements from Apple?

I just came across this post on BoingBoing.net.  Wondering what the big news might be?  Even more interesting is the graphic used to promote it on invitations given out to journalists:-

The iGuitar maybe?  It’ll be interesting finding out.  You can watch the press conference live on the Apple website, but only if you’re using Apple products, it would seem:-

“Viewing requires either a Mac running Safari on Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPad.”

Nothing like separating yourself from the pack, is there?  Openness, anyone?

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Adobe – “Open: Good for developers, good for consumers”

And the fight continues..  In the June edition of Adobe’s Edge newsletter, Dave McAllister discusses freedom of choice, open-ness and future developments in its software suite, mainly focusing on Flash.

As history has shown, efforts to control user choice rarely succeed in the long run. That’s why we feel it’s best to embrace openness now and leave it to end users—not Adobe or any one company—to decide how they should consume content.

(Thanks Mike)

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Apple iPhone 4 antenna problem – fixed!

A lot of people have today reported issues with the new iPhone 4 and its faulty antenna.  BUT, there is a fix, according to this post on Technorati:-

Apple’s apparent solution to this problem – without ever having admitted the problem exists – is the inclusion of “bumper guards” to prevent the incompatible element (your human hand) from physically touching the antenna. Whether this works sufficiently remains to be confirmed. Also, holding the phone with only the fingers, not the palm, is known to greatly reduce the problem.

Acceptable?  I doubt most will think so…