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Dashboard Redesign

I was browsing the web earlier this week and came across this page related to the PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer. I don’t know anything about this software as such, but the first thing to jump out at me was this screenshot displaying a sample dashboard.

Immediately I wanted to have a go at cleaning it up.  I started as usual by scribbling my thoughts and ideas onto a printed copy of the report.  Apologies if you can’t make sense of my scrawly writing, but hopefully you’ll get the point of what I was thinking.

Once I’d completed this I opened Excel and set about creating a mockup of how I thought the data on this dashboard could be better presented and tidied up.  Results are below.

Larger PDFs of the notes and final dashboard design can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

I think this is much cleaner, clearer and easier to read. Any comments/criticism (constructive, if possible)? This is the first time I’ve done this kind of work for an online audience so I’m happy to take on board any wisdom.  Also, does anybody use PerformancePoint at all?  Any comments or thoughts on it as a dashboard design/data analysis tool?