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2toria Wordpress

Some design changes

You might notice a few changes to the overall design of 2toria over the coming days.  I’ve been messing with some SEO plugins and will be generally cleaning up the layout during the week.  I updated the overall template of the blog last weekend, but it’s broken a few things and some of the layout has changed, which I don’t like, so it’s time to get under the hood a little and tinker with things to get them looking the way I like.

If anything seems broken whilst I’m doing this, do let me know.

Oh, and I also decided to remove the 30 day photo challenge posts from the blog – it was a bit of a non-starter.  I think I’ll stay on-topic from now.


Cool T-shirts for Designers

Designshack.co.uk have scoured the web to find the 55 best T-shirts which should appeal to graphic/web designers. Check them out here.

My favourite:-


Web Links

The things that can be done with CSS

I’ve been looking at CSS recently and it has only just occurred to me how powerful a tool it is in terms of the layout and design of web pages.  Nowhere makes that more apparent than over at CSS Zen Garden, a single-page website which allows graphic artists to submit CSS stylesheets to alter its appearance.  The content remains exactly the same, however.  You can even view the CSS, which I think makes it a pretty decent learning tool too if you’ve the patience.

I find it amazing that just a few commands can so dramatically alter the look and feel of a site without having to change the HTML.  Time to get my learning head on..

Oh, and there’s also a book written by the sites owners which uses examples from the site to improve your CSS – doesn’t look like it’s for beginners though.

Themes Wordpress

Leopards and spots

Apologies if you keep on coming back and the look of the site keeps changing – I’m still not sure how things should look or be laid out, but I’m getting there.  I’m actually liking this particular WordPress theme quite a lot, so I think I might stick with it for a while.

The theme I’m currently using is ‘Mystique’ by digitalnature if you want to check it out.