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Charts What???

Two things that have made me grumpy today

The first is this..

It’s an animated GIF of ’30 years of Music Industry Change’.  And it’s horrible, especially if it was done seriously (original can be found here).  Hopefully you don’t need to ask me what’s wrong with this (too many things to list but add the terms ‘pie’, ‘3d’ and ‘animated’ to a long, long list)

The second is the fact that I wanted to have a go at using the raw data behind this to maybe play around and create something a bit better.  In my searching I found where I can get the data, but apparently to get hold of it I have to PAY!!

I don’t understand why the RIAA would charge for users to access their data in this way.  I know they’re hacked off at how the music industry is (apparently) losing money through illegally downloading music, but is that any good reason to restrict their data to those willing to shell out their hard earned cash for it?

I wonder if anybody is brave enough to make this data available for free online?  God help them if they do..