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A little ramble about parenthood

I like this quite a lot, and it certainly reminds me about when I was first handed the task of fatherhood to my little (now not so little – almost 9 year old) boy.  Parenthood in general is such a tricky job, especially in today’s Supernanny society where we are constantly bombarded with a million ‘correct ways of….[add anything child-rearing-related here]’ through books, television and the Internet.

One huge thing which I think comes up more than most is the issue of sleep and how to, or not to put the little angels to bed.  On Tuesday last week I watched ‘Who Knows Best:  Can’t Sleep Kids’ on television, where two families having difficulty getting their kids, and as such themselves to sleep were each given a sleep expert who, at least at the start had differing techniques to get them down.

The two ‘options’, if you like, were either tough love, or a gentler approach.  I have to say I was really quite angry by the end of the show when the lady with the gentler approach (which even involved getting into the cot with your child at some point), changed her tact to the other ‘experts’ more straightforward ‘let them cry until they go to sleep’ approach, but after spending a few weeks tiptoeing around the issue.

Basically, I don’t think there’s a wrong or a right way of doing things as a parent, most of the time anyway.  When getting my boy to sleep I used to make sure either the television was on loud or that there was loud-ish music playing at the same time.  That way I knew we wouldn’t have to walk on eggshells when moving about the house at night in fear of making the tiniest noise which might wake my boy out, and it worked perfectly.

There’s no definitive right or wrong way of doing some things I think, but you always seem to bump into somebody who is eager to tell you that their method is right.  I think personally you just go with what feels right for you and your baby.