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Customer service

This cartoon on theoatmeal.com probably sums up every telephone customer service experience I’ve ever had, especially one recently with Sky.

Life Random

This is exactly how I procrastinate

Pearls Before Swine


First iPad-related suicide reported on Techcrunch?

Techcrunch have quite an amusing little article about some peoples’ iPads arriving a day early in the UK, leaving them upset as their O2 sim cards won’t be activated until tomorrow (the official UK iPad day).

Am so sad my 3G iPad has turned up a day early and O2 haven’t switched on their iPad support yet.  May kill self.

-Graham Parks

Poor buggers, eh?  Life just isn’t fair.


The BBC turns Rock and Roll

I just had an amusing Spinal Tap moment when I was watching some news coverage on the BBC website and decided to turn the volume up fully.

It would seem somebody has a sense of humour!  If you don’t know why I’m so amused, look here.