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Debt repayments infographic

This image on Visualisingeconomics.com displays the relative payment times following the purchase of a $1,500 computer on a credit card, based on regular payments of either $100 or the minimum monthly payment.  I’m not sure if I like it though.

Visualising debt repayments
The graphic does make you think when showing the side by side comparison, but seems to take up a lot of space when there are only really three sets of values of interest.  (i.e. the value paid per month, the time in months it will take to clear the debt, and the overall sum repaid).

Any thoughts?

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A pictorial history of The Beatles – By haircut!

Deviantart user mozzarellapoppy has created this pretty cool graphic of a 7-year history of the Beatles by hairstyle – I love it.

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Cool data visualisation

Wordle lets you type in either free text or the address of a website that has an RSS feed and returns a Tag-Cloud style graphic based on the number of times particular words appear in that text.  The image below is from 2toria for the past few days:-

I find it quite interesting the way this works and love the visualisation of the data found.  Think I might mess with this to see what the results are and how they change on a weekly basis.  There’s a lot of options on the site, including font, colour and layout of the words.  This kind of visualisation of data, I think, tells quite a tale about the information fed into it.  I’m wondering how useful something like this might be in Excel, or if it could be easily implemented and put to good use?