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Infographics What???


There’s something about cloud-related infographics recently.  Check this out as another example.

I mean, oh dear.  These aren’t just pies…  These are 3d pies which don’t only try to encode data in slices, but in their relative height..

Think that’s bad?  Try this:-

3d bars? Zoomed in data in the form of a 3d pie in just one colour?  Awesome!!

Awesome is the word this website uses to describe its own infographic, in case you needed any additional comedy value.

And, graphics aside, I have to say I find the over-

use of hyphen-

ating, quite frustr-

ating to read…

Charts Infographics

An infographic I like, well, sort of..

I struggle with some infographics in terms of form over function.  It’s sometimes a matter of the heart (or should that be the eye) ruling the head in terms of the story that’s being told.  Fair enough, some infographics can look pretty, but if I have to spend too much time working out what I’m being told I tend to get grumpy and ranty.

This offering from Careerbuilder.com about working from home I actually like, mainly.  I like this, for example:-

Nice clear bars, no need for axes as the percentages have been very clearly labelled and the two separate sets of graphics seem to use the same scale.  Nice, simple.

I also like this.  It would have been so easy to fall back on using some kind of pie chart:-

It’s easy to compare the bar sizes, although I feel this might be just because there are only three sets of survey data and they are split into four – it wouldn’t work too well if there were more data to compare.  Still, it is so much better than three separate pie charts.  That’s a given.

So far so good.  The only things I would question are the donut-style charts used here:-

I just don’t know if they fit in with the style of the top half of the graphic.  I also don’t completely understand the need to show the “30%” and have a ‘people in pyjamas chart’ by the side of it.  I guess it’s there to help get the message across in some way, but I feel like it’s over-clarification.

Having ranted slightly however, the message and the data presented are simple enough to interpret.  It’s reasonably entertaining and doesn’t go too far over the top.  I think the data itself could be condensed and could take up much less space, but would it catch the eye as well as it does in this form?

Any thoughts?


More infographic resume fun!

I’ve been on holiday for the past week, so haven’t had a public rant for some time.  I’m back now..

Remember my whinge and whine from a few weeks back?  Here’s another one for you.
Any comments?  I have my opinions, but will keep them to myself, at least for the moment anyway.



Charts Infographics

Debt repayments infographic

This image on Visualisingeconomics.com displays the relative payment times following the purchase of a $1,500 computer on a credit card, based on regular payments of either $100 or the minimum monthly payment.  I’m not sure if I like it though.

Visualising debt repayments
The graphic does make you think when showing the side by side comparison, but seems to take up a lot of space when there are only really three sets of values of interest.  (i.e. the value paid per month, the time in months it will take to clear the debt, and the overall sum repaid).

Any thoughts?