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Things I’ve learned today

  • How to use dynamic ranges
  • Basic use of the GETPIVOTDATA function in excel
  • That I like Twitter rather a lot
Things I've learned today

Things I’ve learned today

  • That if, just before I get up, I visualise a day where I’m productive it seems to work.  Might not do tomorrow, but I’ve definitely got more done for a Monday.
  • How trackbacks and pingbacks work, and how they form an explanation about why traffic to 2toria increased massively after last Thursdays post about the iPad.
Things I've learned today

Things I’ve learned today

  • That there’s nothing wrong with my data, actually, thank you very much.
  • That =VLOOKUP(“Oct”,B5:E16,3,FALSE) does the same as =INDEX(B5:E16,MATCH(“Oct”,B5:B16,0),3).
  • 2toria.com needs more pictures.  There’s too much text and it needs breaking up a little.

First iPad-related suicide reported on Techcrunch?

Techcrunch have quite an amusing little article about some peoples’ iPads arriving a day early in the UK, leaving them upset as their O2 sim cards won’t be activated until tomorrow (the official UK iPad day).

Am so sad my 3G iPad has turned up a day early and O2 haven’t switched on their iPad support yet.  May kill self.

-Graham Parks

Poor buggers, eh?  Life just isn’t fair.