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Microsoft Listview Control – a funny little bug..

For some reason I can’t yet fathom, the Microsoft Listview control (version 6.0) occasionally really gets messed up on my computer and I can’t access the properties for it by double clicking or selecting ListViewCtrl Object>Properties from the drop-down menu.

This is, like,  well irritating, as the kids would say.

I did, however find a way around it so that the properties can be re-activated as it were – which means I don’t have to delete, and then re-create the listview control every time this happens.

The solution is straightforward:-

  1. Right click on the listview control in design mode
  2. Click on ListViewCtrl Object>Convert..
  3. From the options, choose ‘Convert To’ and make sure ListView Control, version 6.0 is selected.  The text at the bottom of the dialog will tell you that nothing will happen and that the control won’t be converted.
  4. Click OK and you should have regained control over your control!

There is, however one other thing you should do if you have this problem, and that is to ensure that, if your listview is populated using VBA you use the ListItems.Clear method to clear the contents of the control before populating them.  This might seem like an unusual statement to make, as there should be nothing if the control has not been populated, but there is another element to this bug which, for some unknown reason pre-populates the control with whatever the contents were before you made a change and saved your form.  This is not always the case but it’s certainly worth as a precaution and to ensure that the control acts properly on all users machines.