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Confusing pies

I found this today in an article linked by John Walkenbach on Google Plus, which displays results from a survey about air travel:-

The first thing you’re likely to notice other than 3d pie hell is that the percentages don’t add up.  At all.  There is an explanation from this however – respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer.

So why use three pie charts when the data isn’t being displayed as parts of a whole in the first place??

The first pie totals 159%, the second 37% and the third 11%.  That’s a total of 207% over three charts.  What?

I don’t know about you, but this completely and utterly confuses me.  Surely a better method would be just to show the total numbers of each answer chosen, or to in some way rank them in order of importance at the point of selection.  The three disjointed pie charts do absolutely nothing for the data as far as I’m concerned.

Charts Infographics

Wikipedia – Changing charts #3

It’s getting quite addictive this changing bad charts malarkey.  I found this one today on an entry about Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge:-

Another simple fix, really.  Awful fonts and the seemingly ubiquitous 3d exploded pie were just just crying out to be fixed up, so I replaced it with this:-

Once again, much better, or at least I think so.  More to follow.  I might even have a go at this one (thanks to Jorge Camoes for the suggestion).

Infographics What???


There’s something about cloud-related infographics recently.  Check this out as another example.

I mean, oh dear.  These aren’t just pies…  These are 3d pies which don’t only try to encode data in slices, but in their relative height..

Think that’s bad?  Try this:-

3d bars? Zoomed in data in the form of a 3d pie in just one colour?  Awesome!!

Awesome is the word this website uses to describe its own infographic, in case you needed any additional comedy value.

And, graphics aside, I have to say I find the over-

use of hyphen-

ating, quite frustr-

ating to read…

Charts Web Links

Bad pie

Techcrunch have recently reported on the top 20 most expensive keywords in Google’s advertising.  A company called Wordstream produced the infographic below to show where Google’s money is coming from.

It’s pretty horrible, isn’t it?  It’s yet another example of how pie charts don’t work.  It IS colourful and eyecatching, but nearly impossible to read.  A positive point I can give are that the segments are in descending order of size, which does help slightly in identifying the top categories.

Another problem is that the labels from 5 onwards are linked by lines to the segments, but because of the clockwise nature of the chart they have been placed in a right to left column reading order, which to me adds another layer of confusion.  Some of the colours used merge into the background (see ’11. Conference Call’ for example, which uses a yellow font against the yellow background).  I’m pretty sure this infographic would be incredibly confusing for anybody with colourblindness.

I could go on, but that would be me ranting, wouldn’t it?