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Excel Issues and problems

Missing menu items in Excel?

Every now and then Excel can throw a bit of a wobbly and unusual things can happen.  One of these which has happened to me a number of times is that the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc..) can have items missing from it.  How do you get these back?  Where have they gone?  Aaarrrgh!!!

Actually it’s nothing to worry about and it can be fixed really easily.  Follow these steps:-

  1. Right click anywhere in the menu area and choose ‘Customize’ from the bottom of the huge dropdown list.
  2. From the dialog that appears, select the first tab (‘Toolbars’) and from the list make sure that you select/highlight the item called ‘Worksheet Menu Bar’.
  3. Click the ‘Reset…’ button on the right of the dialog and confirm that you wish to reset.

Et voila!  Your menu items should be reset to how they were when Excel was first installed.  One thing to bear in mind however is that if you’ve created any custom menu items you’ll have to add them again.