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Excel Hints and Tips

Ten things I hate about your spreadsheet

It’s been a long day and I feel like having a whine.

Here are ten things I hate about your spreadsheet:-

  1. The fact that you’ve created a new workbook but not saved it with a meaningful name before emailing it to me.  No file should be named “Book1.xls”.  Ideally you should save it to your computer first and then email it to me.  It makes things better for all of us.
  2. Flashy Wordart to make it look ‘prettier’.  Don’t. do. it.
  3. Quickly thrown together charts with default settings, especially in Excel 2003…yuck.
  4. I hate that pie chart.  I really hate it.
  5. Please don’t use garish background colours to highlight cells/rows/columns – I’ve got a migraine and it’s not helping.. Also red text with a blue or green background (and vice versa) is bad!
  6. Broken links to your external workbooks.
  7. Spelling mistakes are unforgivable.  A kitten will die for every one I find, and it’s your fault.
  8. Every time I see a formula error (#VALUE!, #N/A, etc) I die a little inside.  Do something so they don’t appear, if you can, especially if your workbook is being seen by a few people.
  9. In-cell comments are great, but if they don’t add value to the work you’ve done (or just serve as a reminder to yourself to do something), get rid of them before you send me your file.
  10. Is that Comic Sans?  There goes another kitten..