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Some new stuff at 2toria towers

If you’re an IE6 user, chances are that the site hasn’t looked too good – apologies for that. ┬áThe template I’ve been using doesn’t support it. I’ve fixed it now though, so you should all be able to see the site in a much better light. ┬áThere’s still a few things I want to fix with the workaround template I’ve stuck in there, but it should be a hell of a lot easier to use.

I would however recommend that, if you can you upgrade your browser to something a bit better, such as Firefox or Chrome, as it looks so much better with newer browsers.


Changing the theme of form controls in MS-Access

I converted a 2000 mdb file to 2002-2003 format today and noticed that the form controls still looked a bit square and old fashioned, and generally the overall theme did not match the look of my current windows version.

After a bit of digging around in the Options I found this in the Forms/Reports tab.

Windows theme options

Selecting ‘Use Windows Themed Controls on Forms’ and then clicking ‘Apply’ will mean that instead of your controls looking like this:-

Weird Controls

They’ll take on the current windows theme and look like this instead:-

Much better!