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Charts What???

It’s not just pie charts that I hate…

It’s charts made of balloons, sunshine, turf and dollar signs.

Did Microsoft pay somebody to make this??  There are too many things to complain about.  Comments are more than welcome.

Charts Infographics What???

Sometimes bars can be rubbish, too (in the wrong hands)

I was just made aware of this monstrosity (thanks to John Walkenbach) on the CNN Money website in an article which explains how the US treasury has less cash on hand than Apple (full article).

Umm, where to start with this one?  There’s just so much wrong…

  • Poor use of graphics which do nothing but confuse the eye when simple bars would be much easier to use.  The top right hand corner of the money pile is the top of the ‘bar’ – even the designer has placed the piles of money between lines to try to make it easier to see this, but it doesn’t work.  In fact, doing this makes for an unusual optical illusion, so none of the lines appear straight..at least not to me anyway.
  • The bottom of the piles should be at zero on the axis, but they sit at what I would guess to be about $30.000.  It doesn’t look right.
  • There’s no point in the labels on the vertical axis, as the actual figures have been marked at the top of the bars themselves.
  • Having said that, because there are only two figures to compare, there really isn’t any point in displaying anything visual like this.  It might work if comparing three or more balances, but it’s more than obvious that the figure for Apple is larger than the one for the US.

I actually can’t think of anything I like about this image at all.  Any opinions?


HUGE Take That ticket bidding war on eBay right now

I seriously can’t imagine ANYBODY is going to pay this amount, but if you check right now this is what you’ll see on eBay uk:-

Surely this can’t be serious??  It’s going to be interesting watching this one…

Update: If you do a search one auction has finished at a value of around £10k.  This has got to be a joke, surely.  Also, as of this time (10:14pm) the number of results found for Take That tickets on eBay UK has increased to 7,403.  Oh, and at 10:18 the number is 7,437.  Crazy!

Update (again – this time at 10:19pm): The number of results is now 7,465.   The top priced auction is still at £1 short of a million.

Update (10:27 pm): The 2nd item in the picture above has now mysteriously disappeared..

Update (10:32):-


Update (11:32 pm): Methinks a bit of fraud might be going on…  A shame really for those who really want to sell tickets.


Because of Google a car hit me

Just when I thought this was bad enough, today I read this news item from last week reporting that somebody is suing Google because their maps service incorrectly instructed them to cross the road and they managed to get run over whilst doing it!  I’m lost for words, I really am.

And I bet she ends up winning…  Crazy, crazy world we live in.